For over 20 twenty years, McCarl’s Inc. has been performing work in the cryogenic industry. We have achieved high levels of success in this niche business because of our commitment to quality, cleanliness of piping systems, and a well-established track record of safety.

The purity of inert gases being produced in air separation plants creates demands for very stringent welding requirements. Piping systems we have fabricated and installed include argon, nitrogen, oxygen and krypton/xenon. We have also supplied air and water systems to support air separation processes. Among the many components we have installed are main air compressors, valve skids, warm air skids, cooling towers, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, and cold boxes. The installation of cold boxes is particularly challenging, requiring super-critical lifting plans, specialized rigging equipment and very large cranes.

McCarl’s expertise and experience for performing total turnkey installation of air separation and package plants has brought us repeat business from major industrial gas producers like Air Products, Prax-Air, and Linde.

McCarl’s has positioned itself well to be a leader in fabricating and installing piping, components, and equipment for LNG, natural gas processing, petrochemical processing (cracker), and other cryogenic plants.

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