At McCarl’s, the safety of our employees is no accident. Safety considerations are at the forefront of every discussion from the earliest stages of design. They drive planning and execution of every aspect of what we do. Every worker understands they have a critical role in assuring their own safety, and the safety of workers around them. Best safety practices are designed into every stage of every project, large or small, from the first turn of a shovel to the last sweep of a broom. They are communicated to every employee through extensive training, monitored, and recorded.

Our commitment to a safe work environment, for our workers and for yours, while we are in your facility, overrides every other consideration. We want every worker to go home safe and whole every day, and we work tirelessly to ensure that happens.

At McCarl’s, we understand that our EMR of .676 sets us apart in this industry, and that it confirms our unwavering commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.

To learn more about the McCarl’s commitment to to safety, please download a copy of our ‘Safety and Health’ brochure.


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